Droits en Biens Communs

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Rights in Common aims at documenting the place of law based on commons in the context of the Rio+20 negociations.
During 2011, the preparation of the United Nations conference on sustainable development (Rio+20) with the Rio+20 french collective and the participants of the World Social Forum, lead us to suggest making the rights based on the commons a skyline of social demand at the international scale. But as a prerequisite we’d have to be able to explicit the contents of these rights and forsee how these would be implemented and enforced.
To try to answer this question, a first text was written by Silke Helfrich and Frédéric Sultan after the Social Forum in Porto Alegre.

The remix project “Rights in Commons” is the continuation of this work by means of video and the remix made from video recordings of the United Nations conference and of the Peoples Summit.

Futur development

The Rights in Commons project move on by the organization of a workshop during the Economics, Commons Conference on May the 22nd 2013 in Berlin. It’s about continuing the ellaboration work initiated and particularly test the underling hypotheses on various domains and use cases, to reach a more global vision.


Frédéric Sultan is coordinator of this project. Emiliano Bazan has taken charge of the video production.


The Rights in Commons project gets financial support from the “Fonds Francophone des inforoutes” through the project Remix the Commons.

Role of Remix the Commons

Remix the Commons has been a space facilitating cooperation between Communautique and VECAM to produce videos during the Peoples Summit at Rio+20.