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There are many ways to connect to Remix

To stay informed, connect to our coordination and  documentation tools:

Join our community on Matrix:

Or one of the discussion channels of the francophone network of commons :

  • The discussion list on the theme of the Commons, Échanges, moderated by Sylvie Dalbin and Valérie Peugeot, to which about 700 people are subscribed.
  • The discussion list Finance et communs, moderated by Roland Pérez and Frédéric Sultan, where 165 people, mostly economists, are debating.
  • The SSE and commons discussion list, moderated by Nicole Alix and Frédéric Sultan, which includes 160 people.

Do you have an idea for an article or a project, need advice, contacts, requests for donations or sponsorship, for speakers, comments on the website, questions for the press, or for any other reasons, send us an email to

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Postal address

Remix is a transnational collective without any office. You can send us your postal mail to :
Remix the commons
46 rue Pajol
75018 Paris