To Contribute

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Identify and index, remix, subtitle, write, moderate, administer, translate, proof-read, communicate, advocate, code or spread the word… There are a thousand and one ways in which you can help us to get everyone to know the commons.

Join or propose an initiative

The most engaging participation in Remix is that of contributing to one or more initiatives implemented or supported by Remix. Anyone can get involved by joining the groups formed around current actions and projects. Each project operates in self-management by constituting an autonomous ad-hoc group. Being a member of the association is not an obligation to be involved in Remix’s actions. New ideas can be submitted to the collective. However, Remix is not a funder. The association is not intended to finance personal projects.

To develop infrastructures to act together.

The members of the collective share the self-management of the tools they use, such as: net,, and Remix’wiki.

Curation of documentation of the commons

The Remix wiki is a tool for documenting the projects, actors, ideas and achievements of the commons movement. This documentation gathers videos, sounds and texts available to all. Semantic web tools allow to link these documents together, keywords or concepts when they deal with the same object. These tools also make it possible to link the contents of the Remix wiki with documents from other websites and databases. Thus the users of the site can access a large body of knowledge on commons.

Become a member of the association

Remix being a collective and open project. The association, founded in 2018 after 10 years of collective operation, is a tool at the service of projects and actions. It allows to share means and tools between all and to collect funds. The association facilitates the coordination between projects, particularly with regard to the collective means allocated to them. Being a member of the association allows you to participate in the decision-making process and the general development of Remix. To do so, you must contribute by giving your time. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Support Remix

Common does not mean free! Making remixes, sharing them, supporting projects around the common requires means. You can support Remix by pooling material resources or by contributing financially to the development and maintenance of the tools offered by the collective. To do so, contact us or visit the web page: :