Our mission

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Tools for acting, thinking, learning and organising together through commons

Remix is a collective acting as a platform working for the commons movement. It enables commoners to carry out research and mediation projects on the commons, and to disseminate and advocate for the recognition of practices of sharing and common self-organisation. Remix enables to preserve the knowledge produced by the commoners as structured information, in particular through semantic web tools, for making visible a grammar of collective action for solidarity.

An alternative narrative to neoliberalism

In recent years, the notion of commons has become a marker of the desire to change society by pushing for greater solidarity, democracy and citizen involvement in public affairs, and by breaking the spiral of enclosure. Remix supports this political and cultural renewal by contributing to the maturing of the engineering, the culture of . The role of Remix is to publicize these initiatives and to support their transformation into political proposals that can flourish be developed by commoners into the public sphere, through a political agenda of the commons movement.

A cross-cultural co-creation on the commons

Remix the commons is an open space for sharing. Our action is founded on the acknowledgement of a culture of sharing and inclusive and emancipatory participation. Remix is acting in a French-speaking contexts and exploring the modalities of interaction with other linguistic and cultural spheres.

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