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For the social appropriation of Commons to be a source of emancipation, it should be rooted in a geographic, social and historical context, it should take on the past and present practices, traditions and thinking while account for outside inputs and welcome hybridation.

Routes in Commons is an interactive tool aimed at empowering the participants of Remix the Commons to creatively contribute to the definition and learning of the concepts and practices of the Commons.


One speaks of “Commons” when a community of people is united by the same will to take charge of a resource it inherits or creates and when it organizes itself in a democratic, friendly and responsible way to ensure it’s access, usage and continued existence in the general interest with care for the well being of the community and the generations to come.

This definition is the result of a remix of readings, conferences and thoughts about the subject, from both a personal experience, a social and cultural context and lastly a will to communicate and contribute to the ongoing culture of the Commons.

From this definition, any may find his or her way along the text : “Les communs sont sur toutes les lèvres” litteraly “The commons are on every lips” in which each step, by way of a hyperlink leads to resources directly usable by participants. “Routes in Commons” is an exchange place where paricipants can enrich the definition of Commons.


Routes in Commons is an invitation to explore this definition from various angles by themes, context or inter-cultural co-creation meetings. We suggest making a inventory and a typology of Commons whether material or immaterial. Resources identified to an icon span over several levels according to usage from the simplest (or most accessible) to the more complicated. The text is a resource a well as a playground.

One then notices that the Commons refer to a value system that matches an identical critical interpretation of reality and also refers to social, economic and cultural habits.

Futur development

Translated in three languages, the text “Les communs sont sur toutes les lèvres” (the Commons are on every lips) will be suggested as a frame for a collaborative process of creation of multimedia works in community radios stations.


Alain Ambrosi, writer of the text and the definition, the Communautique team.


Routes in Commons is a project based on volontary contribution.

Contribution of Remix the Commons

Routes in Commons get inspiration from Remix the Commons and uses the communications tools of the platform.