À l’école des communs

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The “At the school of Commons” meeting has the goal of bringing in all sorts of creative people, activists and users of common goods, in order to help the exchange between these people and allow the development and social appropriation of the Commons. This contributes to the understanding, finding and preservation of the Commons.

Organized by Communautique and Remix the Commons, and in collaboration with the Nycole Turmel chair on public spaces and political innovations at UQÀM, the event “At the school of Commons”, on November the 2nd and 3rd 2012, was the first event of the project. Participants were able to exchange on political, legal, economic and cultural prerequisites needed for the rise of an economy of commons in the presence of international guests Michel Bauwens, founder of the P2P foundation, Lionel Maurel a.k.a. “Calimaq”, founder of Savoircom1 and their Quebecois counterparts Ianick Marcil, independent economist and Stéphane Guidoin from OpenNorth.

Futur development

“At the school of Commons” is structured around bespoke meetings. A following meeting should be scheduled for autumn 2013.


The project is lead by Alain Ambrosi, supported by the Communautique team and Frédéric Sultan.


The project receives financial help from “Organisation Internationnale de la Francophonie” through “Remix the Commons”.

The Contribution of Remix the Commons

Remix the Commons served as an infrastructure, and placed itself as a resource to the project in Montreal. Networking was used to gather resources and speakers. Documents were produced. An attempt at a transcription was made.