Wa(te)rdrops, un projet de documentaire sur les luttes autour de l’eau en Grèce

Also available in: Français Français

A great new documentary that is currently in production, documenting the water struggles around Greece. The working title of the new documentary is “Wa(te)rdrops”, and it aims to present, through in-depth research and fieldwork, struggles concerning water around Greece, including the struggle against the privatization of Thessaloniki’s water company (EYATH), against the gold mines in Chalkidiki and against local water reserve appropriation efforts in Volos and Crete.

First few trailers in the documentary’s web page. Make sure you activate the subtitles (English or Spanish) on the top right corner of the player.

It is being filmed by a group of militant filmmakers coordinated by researcher Nelly Psarou. The same people did “Golfland?” a few years ago, a doc about the disastrous effect of golf course development on the environment and local communities. You can watch “Golfland?” online here (Soon in the Remix Catalogue).

It is a_proudly independent production_ relying on crowdfunding for its completion, and the outcome will be freely accessible under a creative commons license. “Donate” button on the bottom of the documentary’s webpage.