Foncièrement commun ! podcasts on urban land use

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The Marseilles Antenna of the Assemblée des communs has just launched its new website, where you can listen to the “Foncièrement Commun!” podcast series. More precisely:

Foncièrement Commun! is a series of podcasts that takes us on a journey meeting collectives who are occupying and bringing to life previously abandoned spaces. By bringing these spaces back to life, they question the new uses they are inventing and the links they are forging with the local area. Over the coming months, we will be meeting the men and women who make these places what they are, and who are the driving force behind these dynamics. We get to know and understand their stories while also sharing the issues and problems they face and overcome on a daily basis. We will highlight the logic of land control with which they often find themselves confronted, and which is a determinant factor in the continuation of these experiments and, more generally, in the collective production of the city.

Conceived and produced by the Marseilles Antenna, this series aims to raise awareness of the issues of access to and use of land resources “that enable us to build the city together”. The aim is to provide food for thought and promote mobilization around these issues.

The series was produced by Claire Astier, Florent Chiappero from Studio Baïnem, Alima El Bajnouni from B.A.Balex, Dorine Julien from Les Pas Perdus and Cécile Kohen from Collectif Etc.

Remix the Commons participates in and supports this initiative by the Marseilles Antenna of the Assemblée des communs, which aims to be a space for sharing knowledge, information, and know-how, as well as developing advocacy capacities for the dissemination, promotion, and popularization of the commons.

You can listen to the podcasts here.