BarCamp partage de rushes et de vidéo en biens communs

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We are organising a Barcamp dedicated to video as commons in Paris the 4th of october from 14:00 to 18:00 at Labo de l’édition 75005 Paris.

Documentary production provides a largely untapped source of video, images and audio files. For each documentary produced, many hours of rushes are carried out and a large part will seldom be used. It is estimated that for every documentary produced several dozen hours of rushes for only 52 minutes used.

However, the pooling of rushes could multiply the forms of collaboration such as productions geographically distributed, creations adapted to local contexts, or adopting the point of view of different producers and multiple users for the same subject or content. In addition, the sharing of rushes may be accompanied by other exchanges: tools, know-how, good ideas and ultimately generate new projects.

The idea that these resources can be shared and remixed is the basis of projects such as Remix The Commons and sideways. So we invite directors, producers and users of multimedia content to explore the possibiliies of sharing and re-use in the field the documentary video.

See the details of the barcamp in French.