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L’argument de la tragédie des communs et ses défauts (en anglais)

The Tragedy of the Commons argument is that shared resources tend inevitably to be overused and ruined. But that isn’t what really happened with the historical commons in England. This video explains the Tragedy argument and some of its flaws.

The English Enclosures is a follow-up to this video.

Recommended Reading:

Garett Hardin, « The Tragedy of the Commons »

Elinor Ostrom, Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action

Ian Angus, « The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons »

Many thanks to the Partido Pirata Argentino for providing captions in Spanish and English.

You may copy or modify this video under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license.

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Introduction à la production basée sur la participation et la contribution de pair à pair (en anglais)

Michel Bauwens for InternetActiva Webinar series

In this seminar, we will look into more detail into the characteristics of the emerging commons-based peer production , how the productive forces of society are horizontalisation through a process of ‘distribution.

The division of labor is moving to a system of distribution of tasks, which has many different characteristics, often the ‘opposite’ of the classic industrial models, but also to the increasing usage of distributed finance, distributed machinery, and other modalities that point out to an alternative mode of value creation.
We will also look at the institutional framework, modes of governance, and the open business models that are used by these new players.

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