We can identify a commons whenever a community is united by the desire to take care of a collective resource or to create a new one using participatory and democratic norms in the public interest. Many issues can be approached through the commons lens: water, air, forests, oceans and other natural resources ; culture, language, computer coding and works of art ; the human genome, seeds, and prescription drugs. All these issues and many more can be seen as commons.

Remix The Commons is an intercultural space for sharing and co-creating multimedia documents about the commons. The project is hosted by an intercultural collective of people and organizations convinced that the curation, exchange and remixing of diverse narratives, definitions and images of the commons are a dynamic and participatory way of appropriating and disseminating the concept of the commons.

Our objectives are:

  • to promote social and intercultural appropriation of the theories and practices of the commons through creating and sharing multimedia documents
  • to develop an open and collaborative infrastructure for creating, promoting and documenting the commons
  • to contribute to the emergence of the commons movement by enhancing the ability of communities and collectivities to document their practices and develop their reflection on the commons

To achieve these objectives, Remix The Commons deploys the following means :

  • Providing a web platform for uploading, sharing, cataloguing, remixing and distributing multimedia documents about the commons. This platform is not intended for remixing videos online.
  • Developing an intercultural*, open* and collaborative catalogue* of multimedia documents about the commons accessible to commoners, researchers and communicators of the Commons.
  • Supplying tools and venues facilitating the co-design, co-creation and facilitation for media projects related to the commons.
  • Organizing or co-organizing projects, conferences and initiatives that stimulate initiatives to produce multimedia documents related to the commons.
  • Contributing to strategic and political debate/thinking within the movement for the protection and development of the commons.


By intercultural we mean different forms of cultural encounter that positively highlight their differences and promote cross-fertilization by co-creation of new products, narratives and practices of the commons.

By open catalogue we mean that the metadata is open and based on an open format.

By collaborative catalogue we mean that catalogue entries, as well as the semantic categories used, can be created in a collaborative manner.

Remix The Commons was initiated in 2010 by Alain Ambrosi with the organizations of Communautique and VECAM, in Québec and France.
Forum des Alternatives Maroc « FMAS » in Maroco, KËR THIOSSANE and the “Laboratoire de recherches sur les transformations économiques et sociales” (LARTES) of IFAN, in Senegal have joined the circle in 2011. Remix The Commons is constituted and functions as commons. The collective charter defines its values, mission and governance rules, all of which are open to discussion.