Get involved

Identify and index, remix, subtitle, write, moderate, administer, translate, proof-read, communicate, advocate, code or spread the word… There are a thousand and one ways in which you can help us to get everyone to know the commons. Here are a few for you to consider :

Look-up the catalog and the website.

Look-up the catalog. Of course you can search the whole website with the search feature on the top-right of each page. Please also look at the catalogue that lists all the descriptive cards entered by contributors. Documents featured in descriptive cards could be put to use in events or animation experiments or be remixed.

You can browse the catalogue under various search options and become aware of content submitted by users, to remix them and hence to create new content.

Look at the wiki websiteThe wiki website is a workspace of the project. You’ll find : resources to produce documents about the commons and on how to remix them, remix projects as well as a presentation of Remix The Commons and some documentation on the design process of the project.

Please contribute to the wiki but first ask for a user account.

Subscribe to the mailing list. . Remix the Commons joins a community of « commoners » who interact and work on animation projects and productions directed at popularizing the commons and what the stakes are. Keep up to date by subscribing to the list .


Add a card to the catalog. The best way to contribute is to share a document about commons by adding a descriptive card to the catalogue, in order to reference a new document. To do this you must first create yourself a user account then submit a new card.

Submit a collection of documents about the commons. You can submit a collection of multimedia documents about the Commons that we may feature on the website and may also reference in the catalogue. Please contact us for this.

Financial support

Commons aren’t costless! Producing remixes, postingand sharing them, accompanying multimedia creations on the commons requires resources. You can support Remix the Commons by sharing hardware resources or financially contributing to the development and the maintenance of the website. Please contact us for this.

Animate and develop

The most engaging contribution is that which consists in getting involved in the animation and development of the Remis The Comons project. A few alternatives are offered to you:

Suggest a publication or animation project. Projects lead to animation events or media productions that spread knowledge of the commons. Projects make use of available resources from Remix the Commons and produce new ones, all in the vista of remix and commons. If you organise a production or a project, we will feature it in the website along with other projects. Please contact us for this.

Participate in the web site development (blog and wiki). The web infrastructure of Remix the Commons is based on open source software such as wordpress and mediawiki and we publicly post the code we produce on GitHub. If you have talent in IT or in webdesign, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us for this.

Participate in the development and governance of the project. Remix the Commons being a collective and open project, you can get involved in the decision making and general development of the project. If you are interested, Please contact us for this.